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QUOTE: "After being informed that the State Division excluded demolition of the structures, because it would be a misuse of taxpayer money, the District still decided to pursue a second millage election without consideration of other viable options, without reassessing, and without the board even considering this new information provided by the Division. The Division determined this demolition was not a prudent use of taxpayer funds, but the District wants our community to fund it anyway, through a millage tax increase.". END QUOTE

What some folks are obviously not aware of is that according to state law, school districts are REQUIRED to keep floating millage proposals before the taxpayers at special elections (on a specific timeline) until they pass -- trimming/altering the plans as they go -- until the taxpayers are able to accept them. Read the Arkansas Code, available online for your convenience.

Major kudos to everyone who is providing research, time and talent to this information campaign! There is SO MUCH to digest and so little time to do so. Keep fighting!

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